Mimi Et Toi


On a spring day in May 2009, MIMI ET TOI was founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Mimi van Dijk.

Looking back now, Mimi realizes she has always loved jewelry and accessories. During travels across the world Mimi would connect with fellow travelers by creating bracelets and bands on request, sourcing the necessary materials for her designs from local companies and individuals.

A few years later and back in Amsterdam, Mimi started working as the manager of a small jewelry boutique in the famous ‘9 Straatjes’ shopping area. It was not much later that Mimi became a mother to her son Mick. And with this life-changing event also came a new outlook on life: she realized she needed to build a future for her young son and herself. To make this vision come to life, Mimi founded MIMI ET TOI.